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Article 1: Definitions

1. SolidCare4Mobile: Is a trade name and activity of Semasco BV.
2. Semasco BV: Has its registered office in Almere and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 39096409.
3. Semasco BV: Offers after-sales and repair services for IT products to various customers.
4. Customers: Legal persons, business or private who purchase services from Semasco BV.
5. Services: After-sales or repair services or other work carried out on behalf of the customer.


Article 2: Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all agreements with Semasco BV regarding services commissioned by the customer.
  2. Applicability of other conditions, in particular purchasing or general conditions of the customer is hereby expressly excluded.
  3. If and insofar as any provision of the general terms and conditions is declared void or is annulled, the other provisions of the general terms and conditions will remain in full force. Semasco BV will then adopt a new provision to replace the invalid / annulled provision, whereby the scope of the invalid / annulled provision will be taken into account as much as possible. Dutch law applies to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can be adjusted by Semasco BV at any time. Semasco BV therefore recommends that you regularly view the general terms and conditions.


Article 3: Offers and quotes


Article 4: Registration of repairs or orders

  1. Semasco BV uses the website or agreed files by e-mail to register the products to be repaired.
  2. To meet the usual lead times for a repair, the customer must register the product and use this registration procedure.
  3. If the customer registers a product in another way, or if the registration form has not been filled in correctly or incompletely, Semasco BV has the right not to process the registration.
  4. If Semasco BV decides to process the registration, but the incorrect registration method leads to a delay or incorrect handling of the registration, then Semasco BV cannot be held liable for this. Semasco BV reserves the right to pass on any additional costs related to incorrect registration to the customer.


Article 5: Transport from customer to Semasco

  1. Customers who send a repair to Semasco BV are strongly advised to do so by registered mail. The repair center cannot be held liable for damage or loss of a package that the customer sends.
  2. The costs for sending / delivering products for repair are for the customer.
  3. The mobile phones to be offered for transport must always be packed in a box, filled with proper filler. The box must then be properly sealed in order to minimize the risk of theft from the box. PLEASE NOTE: If the 'sales packaging' is used as packaging for shipment, then an extra neutral box must be added. This is to reduce the chance of missing.
  4. After receipt at Semasco BV we will handle the device for repair or (in the case of a warranty) offer it for repair at an authorized repair center. It is only necessary to send the charger and the battery if the fault is probably related to one of these two components. Unnecessary sending of parts is entirely at the expense and risk of the customer. PLEASE NOTE: Do not include SIM cards, Semasco BV cannot be held liable for this.


Article 6: Transport from Semasco to the customer

  1. Semasco BV mainly uses various carriers to send packages to customers.
  2. The costs for transport are charged to the customer.
  3. If the outside of a package / transport box is damaged upon receipt, or the seal / seal is broken, then the package / transport box may not be received, on pain of forfeiture of the right to compensation for damage.
  4. If the customer requests information from Semasco BV about shipping, defect or signature for receipt, then Semasco BV can only provide that information if the request for information is made no later than 10 days after the date of the shipment to which the requested information relates.


Article 7: Execution of Services

  1. Semasco BV focuses primarily on repair outside the warranty. Repairs that fall within the manufacturer's warranty conditions are forwarded to the relevant repair center. For the determination of whether or not a repair falls within the warranty, Semasco BV fully complies with the warranty provisions of the mobile phone manufacturer. This is not deviated from, unless the customer has reached agreement with the manufacturer on this, as evidenced by a written document signed by these two parties. The guarantee period is determined on a case-by-case basis according to the rules established by the manufacturer. It is possible that the device is administratively covered by the warranty, but due to damage (drop, impact, pressure or water damage) the device is still out of warranty. The final guarantee determination will be made by the repair center.
  2. When offering a device under warranty, a copy of the purchase receipt must always be sent, if this is missing, the costs of repair and handling will be charged.
  3. The purchase invoice must be provided with the printed IMEI number of the device. If this is missing or written by hand, the purchase invoice is not valid.
  4. If there are costs associated with the repair of the device, the customer will receive a quote of the costs. A response must be made within 10 days after the quotation. In the absence of a response to a quotation, the repair center assumes that the quotation has not been approved and will return the device, whereby only the investigation costs will be charged. Complaints afterwards are never possible.
  5. Devices offered to the repair center without an IMEI sticker will not be processed for repair. If the IMEI number of a device has been removed, the warranty for this device will also expire. A device whose IMEI number on the back of the device does not correspond to the IMEI number programmed in the device will also not be processed by the repair center for repair. These devices will also be returned to the customer, whereby the costs incurred will be charged.
  6. IMEI numbers of stolen or missing mobile phones are stored in a database. If such devices are offered for repair at the repair center, the repair center reserves the right not to handle them. Any costs incurred by the repair center will be charged.
  7. The repair center reserves the right to adjust its rates at any time.
  8. The repair center can never be held liable for changes or deletion of personal data and / or setting in devices offered for repair.


Article 8: Terms of payment

  1. The costs incurred with a repaired device will be charged to the customer by Semasco BV through an invoice.
  2. This invoice must be paid before shipment.
  3. Other payment terms can be discussed with large business customers.


Article 9: Unpaid or uncollected repairs

  1. If a repair has not been paid, Semasco BV will send the customer a reminder. If no payment has been made after the second reminder and over a period of 45 days from the completion of the repair report, Semasco BV is entitled to retain, sell or destroy the product.


Article 10: Warranty

  1. If a repair has not been carried out properly and complaints are made about this within a period of three months, this repair will be repaired free of charge, provided that it concerns the exact same complaint and the repair seal of the repair center has not been broken.
  2. No warranty applies if it concerns a different complaint or defect than the previous repair.
  3. If a repaired device comes into contact with liquid after the repair, the warranty will be voided.
  4. When repairing and testing the device, the data (contact data, photos, etc.) may be lost. The device can be reset to the factory setting. Semasco BV does not guarantee the retention of information from the device in those cases.


Article 11: Liability

  1. Semasco BV is only liable for the proper handling after receipt of the device, until the transfer to the carrier for return shipment.
  2. Semasco BV is responsible for properly repairing the specified complaint. If the complaint is not properly or unclear, Semasco BV is not liable for the complete operation of the device.
  3. Semasco BV excludes any liability with regard to indirect damage, consequential damage, missed savings or lost profit, damage to business interruption and loss of data during the performance of tests or repairs of the device.
  4. If Semasco BV can be held liable for direct damage, the liability will be limited to the invoice amount of the repair.
  5. If the repair cannot be carried out due to the lack or poor acquisition of required parts, Semasco BV number can be held liable for the final result.


Article 12: Disclaimer

  1. The customer indemnifies Semasco BV against third-party liability with regard to intellectual property rights or use of data supplied in the device or external storage media when carrying out testing or repairing the device.
  2. If the customer provides information, software, files etc in the device or storage media, he guarantees that this information is free of viruses and / or defects. When returning this information, the customer indemnifies Semasco BV for the original and proper functioning of this information.


Article 13: Force majeure



Article 14: Applicable law

  1. Dutch law applies to every agreement or assignment.