Authorized Service Partner Huawei

Semasco BV was founded in 2007 supplying value added services for the former repair and service company Solid Vision. Semasco BV concentrates on supplying additional service like the logistic part of the service business but also handling all the return goods. Besides this activity, Semasco was also strong with rework projects of miscellaneous electronic products like SW updates for mobile phones, hardware changes of mobile phones, PC’s, Laptops, modems, triple-play boxes etc.

Today Semasco is concentrating on handling, screening, testing and repair of return logistic goods such as mobile phones, PC’s, Laptops. We also develop customer made added value services for well known and respected partners.


Mobile or cellular accessibility and availability has made monumental developments in the last few years. Broadening the scope of functionality and accessibility, it is almost unheard of (business or personal) to leave home without your mobile phone. The mobile phone is not only used for accessibility, it is also our source for information via the internet, personal agenda, navigation, social contacts, and simply relaxing with music-films-games etc.

Semasco offers experience with our services where clearly the supplier and consumer stand in for front The products and services are offered with clear and appropriate support in a professional manner.


Semasco is able to develop apps for the Apple and Android platforms by means of there own development recourses. Semasco can support and develop apps in the different App-stores like the Apple App-store, Google play etc.


At this moment the emphasis is on the areas such as repair, logistics, screening, control, testing, DOA check and service handling of technical (electrical) products.

Semasco carries this work out under the brand name of SolidCare4Mobile, see website:

Semasco is an authorized service partner of Huawei.

Additional services are developmentally driven out of the marketing aspect and on demand of the customer and supplier.

Core Values

With the high quality and values of Semasco we stand for accurate, flexible, trustworthy information in a clear and professional manner.

Business and communication aspect is direct and to the point allowing the client/supplier easy and clear access to information.

About us

The management team features years of experience in the ICT and especially telecom branch. Semasco is currently working with leading companies in the area of mobile phones. By the knowledge and experience Semasco has developed into a professional service provider for Aftersales activities.

An important feature is its own IT development centre allowing flexible client based solutions.